Smart Gardian™ is a futuristic two-way wireless alarm system designed for the residential market, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises! It offers features that go far beyond those of standard home security systems


You can easily add wireless IP cameras to your system. These cameras can be used for event notifications, as well as for live view and listen in (certain models only). Choose from four models that cover all your needs.

We provide the best security systems to our customers in Canada.

With over 25 years of experience in security, homes and offices and businesses, you can trust us for your security.

Protect what matters most to you
24 hours a day/365 days a year

Smart Gardian that your safety and that of your family are not a problem. Our home alarms are connected directly to our Alarm Receiving Centre, where a team of specialised professionals works every day to ensure your protection.

Our security experts can handle any warning or emergency situation, on average, in 45 seconds. Our Alarm Receiving Centre is at your service 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to activate the most appropriate security protocols for any incident and to send, when necessary, an ambulance, fire service or Guard Response to your home.

Smart Gardian is your best ally for protecting your home in any dangerous situation, whether a burglar enters your home, a domestic accident occurs or a family member needs urgent medical care, among other incidents.

Protect your loved ones with the safest home alarm.

The different types of home alarms

After taking the time to locate your house with more or less clever methods, burglars resort to different ploys to try to enter your house: use of a GSM alarm jammer, section of the telephone line and / or electric, attempt to tear off anti-intrusion detectors … Some are particularly well equipped and will stop at nothing, so you might as well be well prepared.

For maximum protection of your home, we advise you to choose a complete alarm system suited to your needs. For this, among all the alarms for individual houses available on the market, we recommend that you favor the following installations.

An alarm with remote monitoring

This service allows you to be protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The monitoring center checks each alert trigger and takes the necessary measures in the event of a proven intrusion or emergency situation. This system has the advantage of taking care of everything, you can rest easy. It is the ideal solution for monitoring a second home that you are away from most of the time.

A wireless alarm

Requiring no work, this alarm system is economical, easy to install and more reliable than a wired system. Be careful, however, to choose a multi-network home alarm (with GSM, 3G module, etc.) with anti-jamming, to be guaranteed to be protected in all circumstances thanks to a back-up channel, even in the event of a network failure, telephone cables or use of a jammer.

An alarm with remote control

This feature allows you to activate, deactivate and control your alarm remotely using a smartphone application and / or a website. For the more efficient, there is also the possibility to view what is happening in your home in your absence and to receive a notification in real time in case of movement. You will no longer need to worry and wonder if you have thought to set your house alarm on before leaving, just a quick glance on your smartphone or your computer is enough to be reassured.

An alarm guaranteed for life

Maintaining your equipment, changing batteries and battery, as well as replacing and installing a new alarm system in the event of a move … All of these things need to be taken into account, so make sure these services that will make your life easier are included in the home alarm offer offered.